S3 Ep1 Black People and Cryptocurrency Goes Beyond Talk w Faith McKinney N Jason Moore

We are back with a new season and new co-host. Now, we're Beyond Talk with Faith McKinney and Jason Moore!!! We're hitting the ground DOing with special guest Deidra Ramsey McIntyre, founding admin of Facebook group Black People & Cryptocurrency After being a featured speaker at the 2018 BLACK BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT in Washington, DC, Deidra is giving us an international clarion call to invest in ourselves. Invest brain power, time, and resources in the Black Blockchain. Tune in to learn the HOW and discover the Power of the Black Blockchain.

Deidra launched Black People & Cryptocurrency in September 2017 as a place for members to exchange knowledge, participate in live stream events, and network. For more than 25 years, She has merged communications and technology skills to produce, publish, and teach within the digital media realm.

Deidra has also served as a production manager for theglobe.com - a once popular NYC-based social media platform in the late ‘90s-early ‘00s, editor for various NY publications, and public school teacher to Brooklyn high school students. McIntyre also maintains a Quora presence focused on African-Centered responses to Kemet (Ancient Egypt) queries, and is an admin/moderator of several African, and Kemet-Kush Facebook groups and pages. She owns her own digital media publishing company, Red Ibis, and also works for her brother’s NY-NJ based water filtration business, Aqua Right. CONNECT with Deidra at https://www.facebook.com/groups/blackpeoplecryptocurrency

You are called to DO with Faith McKinney, Personal Brand and Media Strategist along with author Jason Moore,  the founder of the Black Economic and Entrepreneurship Development Conference and Expo (BEEDC). Airing live 2nd Wed as the official audio podcast of the BEEDC, Beyond Talk features solution and take action-oriented talk for entrepreneurs, techpreneurs and community stakeholders who realize the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses and developing an economically sound community ecosystem.

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